Memberikan Kata Cinta Terindah

Memberikan Kata Cinta Terindah – Romance story in human life can lead happy or vice versa: to be a tragedy. As happened in India recently. A man kata cinta tortured and raped a woman because of her love was rejected. He also forced the victim to convert in order to marry. But the woman who was also his friend refused, saying his family forbade him to marry a man of different religions.

Angered by the man’s love denied abducting the woman andĀ held her for five days and raped and brutally tortured him. Lucky she could diselamatkan.Lain time, another story. A number of men have experienced his love rejected just because something trivial, whoever and how their story? Follow the following review: A single man from Serbia trying to find his soul mate in social media, but unfortunately fate less fortunate.

So far, Predrag Jovanovic had received rejection of the 5000 women who reached at Facebook.Pria 34 this year seem to have been desperate for love. Predrag had the idea to use his Facebook account to find a soul mate in cyberspace. He then sent a message to 5,000 women, and asked whether they would consider to be his girlfriend. Unfortunately, they all decided to reject the love Predrag.

Although it has been rejected by the thousands of women, Predrag admitted that he never lost hope to get a mate in cyberspace. As reported by Nezavisne Novine, Predrag is a shy man who is not good at facing women in the real world. Therefore, according to him, looking for a partner online is terbaikuntuknya choice. “I know that what I do will make me blush, but it’s worth what I’ll be,” he said.